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BoneDry Waterproofing

Waterproofing solutions driven by technology.

Bone Dry are a specialist waterproofing company that was born from a need identified within the construction industry where we have witnessed huge sums of money being spent annually on repairs done to leaking roofs that were waterproofed using Bituminous torch on waterproofing systems.


Our climate poses endless problems for the waterproofing industry. Why not install a PVC system that has been designed to withstand these conditions with ease.


No open flame, completely UV stable, mechanically fastened, single ply application, handles movement of buildings, far more consistent, can be applied to a wet surface.


PLASTFOIL® is the first waterproofing polymer membrane produced using the extrusion method, which makes it possible to achieve the best consumer uses of this material.


BoneDry Waterproofing

Moddercrest Office Park
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Tel: 082 485 2811

Email: sales@bonedry.co.za

Web: www.bonedry.co.za